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  • A patent for invention
    Propose new technical solutions for products, methods, etc
  • Patent for utility model
    Propose new technical solutions for products, methods, etc
  • Design patent
    Propose new technical solutions for products, methods, etc
  • Foreign-related patent
    Propose new technical solutions for products, methods, etc

A patent for invention
Useful patents
Design patents
Foreign-related patent
Refers to a new technical solution for a product, method or improvement thereof
Refers to a new technical proposal for the shape, structure or combination of the product, which is suitable for practical use
Refers to the product shape, pattern or its combination as well as the combination of color and shape, pattern made by the aesthetic sense and suitable for industrial application of the new design
Another way of applying for a foreign patent is to apply for a foreign patent mainly through a domestic agency or a third party. It is to submit an application to the national Patent Office first generally (the premise is that our country has joined the corresponding convention alliance with the country you need to apply for jointly), or directly to the third party organization to submit to the corresponding country on the right, patent questions ask one rest intellectual property rights.
Authorized time
It usually takes about three years
It usually takes about a year
It usually takes about eight months

Protection period
20 years Ten years Ten years 20 years

According to the Patent Law, the examination and approval procedure for an invention patent application includes five stages: acceptance, preliminary examination, publication, actual examination and authorization. In the examination and approval of an application for a patent for utility model or design, there are no early publication and no substantial examination, and there are only three stages: acceptance, preliminary examination and authorization. 

The flow chart for the application and examination of patents for inventions, utility models and designs is as follows:

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